The Artist: Steven Erler

Steven Erler a long time auto enthusiast, artist, and classic car collector, has been fascinated with anything automotive since childhood. Greatly influenced by his family's mutual passion, Steven's early years were filled with road trips, car talk and the ever changing new car in the driveway.

Each year with the introduction of the new models, the family would head out to tour the automobile showrooms. Steven would enjoy the visits, not only to see the latest creations from Detroit, but to also collect the latest sales brochures to add to his collection of images.

Color, chrome and design made an impact on Steven, and at an early age began sketching cars he admired. A scrapbook of automobile ads from magazines was developed, and organized by year, make and model, to serve as a reference guide. The study of these ads influenced Steven's drawings, and enhanced his desire to create more detailed images.

The opportunity to take art and mechanical drawing classes in high school sparked Steven's desire to become more technical in concept, focusing on angle and perspective. It was at this time he began creating more dynamic drawings, and his first auto portraits.

Photography soon entered his scope of creativity, and every vehicle he owned or desired was captured in the eye of the camera. With time, practice, and the desire to develop more appealing images, the basis for his current work was developed, creating a unique blend of art and photography!

Today, Steven creates highly detailed, stylized images, using a dramatic range of color and light. Whether the image has been created for a client, or for his on-going series of Glamour Cars, each piece is vibrant, and truly unique.

Please visit the gallery to view images.

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